UNIX ProTips

I realized today I wasn't getting mail notifications, and I hadn't set them up on this shell. So here are some things I do on my local machine that work here:

To get the shell to tell you when you have new mail, after command executions, add this to your .profile or your .kshrc files (or other shell RC file) in your home directory.

export MAILCHECK=0

And, if you want, you can have a persistent notification when you have un-incorporated mail, or more specifically, when your /var/mail/<username> isn't empty.

PS1="\$([-s /var/mail/`whoami` ] && echo '* ')$PS1"

For maildir try this:

PS1="$(test -z "`ls -A $HOME/Maildir/new`" || echo '* ')$PS1"

This works in /bin/ksh, I can't speak for other shells.

If anybody else has some quick tips they would like to share, I encourage them to edit this page.

Happy Unixing!