Our friends over at tilde.club run an NNTP service that's open to the public. There are a few options for browsing from tilde.institute.



If you just want to take a look, lynx can connect to an NNTP service:

lynx news://news.tilde.club


/etc/nntpserver has been populated with news.tilde.club, so connecting with tin only requires this command:

tin -r

-r for remote newsgroups. Once connected, hit S to subscribe, then * to subscribe to all newsgroups. To start a new thread, pick a group, then hit w for "write" and compose your message. To respond to a message in a thread, hit f for "follow-up". There are a few other options for interaction with a post or thread, such as r for a direct email reply to the post author.


Start alpine, then navigate to Setup, and finally Config. Set the following options:

Other Clients

If you have another preferred client, feel free to ask us to install it. Either mail admins@tilde.institute or jump into the IRC channel #institute.

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