Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

dcss is a fun roguelike game that is now available on a tildeverse server for your enjoyment. There are two ways to play: via WebTiles for simple 2d graphics and via ssh for a more traditional ascii interface.

If you already have an account on tilde.institute, you can play via the ascii interface by issuing the command dcss. This will automatically connect to the server and present the login/registration menu.

Some users prefer graphics. For WebTiles, it will be necessary to go to https://crawl.tildeverse.org. Click PLAY to open the WebTiles interface.

Recorded Games

All games on CTVO (the tildeverse crawl server) are recorded for later playback. In order to review a previously recorded game, navigate to the ttyrec directory, select a username, and download the ttyrec file. You'll need to have the ttyrec package installed in order to review them. Issue: ttyplay file.ttyrec and watch as your terminal automagically transforms into a recorded DCSS game.

ttyplay is installed on tilde.institute, so feel free to download a game to your home directory and watch it from there.

Morgue Files

Want to see the run-down of a game? Check out the morgue file for it. They're sorted into username directories at: https://crawl.tildeverse.org/morgue. Each morgue file contains information such as how you died, your stats, an account of monsters vanquished, among other stuff.